Keelung (基隆)


Keelung (基隆) was explored: May 25, 2008

Keelung (基隆) is another nice place close to Taipei. EDIT: I think it’s a suburb of Taipei (It’s a city, as was kindly pointed out to me in my comments section.) A major port city in the northeast of Taiwan, I found Keelung to be much less of a tourist place than Jiufen (九份) and Wulai (烏來). Anyways, when my friend and I hopped on a train bound for Keelung, we had no idea it would rain so hard. Luckily for us, it stopped raining part way through our time in Keelung. So, we were only soaked head-to-toe half as thoroughly as we could’ve been.

Buddha's hand

After arriving in Keelung, we got on a bus to take us out to the area around the Keelung harbour to find the cave that had the Buddha’s hand inside. Although it was hot outside, despite the torrents of rain, the cave was cold. It reminded me of the movie The Goonies but our treasure was less of a monetary reward than a spiritual one. Well, actually, it was just out of curiosity that we wanted to see the hand. It sounded better to privilege the metaphysical over the physical, that’s all. XD

We finally found the hand after walking around in the cave for a bit. It was slightly creepy because

  1. There was no one else there
  2. The lights were sensor lights, so you couldn’t se what was ahead of you
  3. Bugs! OMG the bugs!

The cave was really fun, though! For in-depth coverage of the Buddha’s hand, take a quick peek at this article by Richard Saunders of The China Post.


Shopping was good. Somewhat cheaper than Taipei. But the food! We had fresh crab and snails and other seafood. All delicious. Although, we didn’t eat any frogs. I’ve had frogs at hot pot, and they’re okay. The texture is kind of like free range chicken meat, but stringier.

It was really quite nice to be near a harbour, and all the seafood that came with it. I really wish that I had four stomachs. But, if I did, I’d be a herbivore because cows don’t eat seafood.



2 responses to “Keelung (基隆)”

  1. skincarediyer says :

    Keelung city is NOT a suburb of Taipei! We have our own city government and major. It is a wet and humid place, and as far as I am concerned is that the area I live is close to the pretty good beaches and mountain walking trails.

    • leafgirl04 says :

      Oh, I see. I guess I used “suburb” wrongly. I use “suburb” to generally describe the less major cities (with their own city government) outside of a larger, better known city. Maybe it’s just a Vancouverite term where we just call the cities (ie Coquitlam, Surrey, Port Moody, etc.) that are situated away from Vancouver “suburbs”. In tandem, Keelung would be a suburb of Taipei. However, thinking about it now, since Taipei is not Vancouver and Taiwan is administered differently than Canada, perhaps the way of thinking about major cities and the other nearby cities is entirely different.

      Thank-you for your point. =)

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